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Welcome pinball owners and enthusiasts!
Recent News!

Shoot Again Games releases a Pinball themed game where players play a pinball during multiball called Pinball Showdown. To find out more about it and our other card and board games go to: 

Click for more - Pinball Showdown

Pinball Showdown

Shoot Again Pinball Restored Machine
Brings $7,500 at Auction - click for more

Shoot Again Pinball specializes in all makes and models of pinball machines made since 1977.  We have a wide range of fully restored pinball machines or video games that you can purchase directly from us.  We also have a full range of restore services to get your old machine looking and playing great once again.  Additionally, we offer an in home repair service.

Shoot Again Pinball is owned and operated by Diane Sauer a long time pinball and arcade game aficionado. Diane is enthusiastic about her hobby and it has naturally developed into Shoot Again Pinball. As with just about every job Diane has ever done from video producer to computer systems manager, she threw herself in to learning the art of pinball repair and restoration. Diane takes great pride in her repair and restore work. Her goal is to have every machine she services at 100% top working condition and any machine she restores as close to original condition as humanly possible.

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Current games for sale:

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Special Requests

Shoot Again Pinball can locate the game you have always wanted to own. Simply email us with your request and we will unleash our bloodhounds to track down your game. Once located you will be informed and requested to put a deposit down while your machine is undergoing the restoration process.



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