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Maintenance and Service Contracts

 Shoot Again Pinball offers a yearly maintenance and service contract within our service area on most models of pinball machines.  Replacement parts are not covered under any of our contracts.  Contracts are available outside our service area for an additional fee.  Price on contracts varies depending on game make, model and age.  Prices start at $175 annually.  Below is a sample contract.

Annual Full Service and Maintenance Contract

Except for one manufacturer (Stern) new pinball games are no longer produced.  This means that 99% of the games we work on are at least several years old and can be as old as twenty six years!  This is equal to tens of thousands of plays on each game.  Obviously, considering the games age and the wear & tear it has experienced during its life, we can not promise that your game will never break again.   Pinball machines are complicated devices with a large number of electronic and mechanical parts that require regular maintenance.

Your pinball machine, X, is over X years old.  Although it has been fully reconditioned anything can happen to a machine of this vintage.  This contract will cover unlimited service calls, all normal wear parts including all rubbers and lamps for one year starting on XX/XX/2004.  It does not, however, cover major electronic board repairs or replacements.

The cost of this annual contract is $175.  The price of this contract will not be increased annually by more than 7%. If you choose not to take this contract the service rate is $75 per hour.  This contract includes an annual inspection, cleaning, re-rubber, re-lamp and waxing as needed by your game.

Items excluded from this contract include damage due to acts of God, abuse, or relocation of the machine out of my service area.  Minor circuit board repairs may be performed though major repairs or board replacement are not covered by this contract.  Additionally, the playfield plastics, decorations or the gameís backglass are obviously not covered (in other words the games cosmetic parts).

It is the ownerís responsibility to change all lamps other than at the time of the annual game inspection. Changing lamps does not constitute a service call.

This contract is for home use machines only.

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