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Pinball Links

Alís Arcade - Al is a great guy and has helped me out more times then I can remember. He recently moved to the Atlanta area and is building the game room of his dreams. We will miss him in NJ!

Game Room Magazine - A great publication that covers not only pinballs, but video games, soda machines, juke boxes and more! It is published by Tim Ferrante a really nice guy and arcade collector. I had an article published in the December 2002 issue.

Internet Pinball Database - A great resource for finding out about information your game or figuring out which game it was you use to play as a kid.

Markís Basement Arcade - Markís web site is top notch with tons of information on Video games. Mark is the guy who designed and makes the kit to make the Dalek head move on the Dr. Who pinball game. Very cool!

Mr. Hideís Backglasses - Lots of nice clear pictures of backglasses from many games.

Pinrescue - Russ is simply the best electromechanical pinball repair and restore guy around plus he is a great guy to boot. THE place to go for electromechanical service.

Pinball Hall of Fame Flyer Reference Site - At arcade game trade shows the pinball makers would hand out promotional flyers to advertise their upcoming games. Besides being cool, they are a great reference to see what a game looked like when new.

Pinlist.org - A place for collectors to register their games and share information.

Scott Farrís Pinball Site - this site contains lots of pin information plus some really nice pictures of Scott's own collection and the work he has done on his games.  My dealings with Scott have been interesting and always excellent.


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