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Pinball machine repairs, restoration, sales  
 Quality pinball repairs, restoration, sales and more...      
The Pinball Restoration Process Additional Restoration Services Available

Is your pinball machine Dirty? Misadjusted? Dark? Playing too slow? Has the game rubber lost its bounce? Chances are you need what is called a “shop job”.  Shoot Again can make your machine play like new. Here is how:

Step 1: We remove ALL of the parts from the top of a playfield (plastics, light bulbs, rubber, ramps, assemblies, etc.)

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Step 2: All plastics are thoroughly cleaned so that colors are crisp and vibrant. Lighted plastic inserts are cleaned for maximum brightness!

Step 3: All ramps are completely removed, cleaned and polished.

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Step 4: All metal parts playfield parts are polished.
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Step 5: Your playfield is thoroughly cleaned and waxed.

Step 6: All burnt out bulbs, flashers and strobes are replaced on the playfield.

Step 7: Brand new rubber is installed on the playfield, flippers, posts, slingshots etc.

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Step 8: Flippers, jet bumpers and slingshots are inspected and adjusted to insure maximum playability. You may for an additional charge have them partly or fully rebuilt.

Step 9: All under playfield ball troughs (ball paths) are cleaned and polished.

Step 10: All colored inserts underneath the playfield are cleaned for maximum clarity and brightness.

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Step 11: All lamps under the playfield are inspected and burnt out ones are replaced with new bulbs.

Step 12: Playfield is reassembled.

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Step 13: The playfield glass is cleaned front and back. A new glass can be installed for an additional fee.

Step 14: Backbox translite or backglass is cleaned inside and out.

Step 15: New light bulbs are installed in the backbox to replace any burnt out old ones.

Step 16: Cabinet, coin door and legs are cleaned.

Step 17: Brand new pinballs are installed in your game.

Step 18: Game and machine components are thoroughly play tested to make sure it functions according to original factory specifications.

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