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Additional Restoration Services Available

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Playfield Touchup : Worn areas on your playfield can be touched up with specially mixed matching paints.

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Backglass Sealed : As your game’s backglass ages it may begin to flake, peel and loose paint. To prevent this from happening or to stop it from happening further, your game’s backglass can be permanently sealed.

Backglass Touchup: Has your backglass lost paint? We may be able to help. Once the backglass is sealed, we can in many cases match and repaint areas where the glass has been scratched or has lost some paint.


Backup Capacitor Installed : One of the top reasons for older electronic games to fail is the fact that in many cases the original factory installed battery is still soldered to the board. After a number of years like any battery it will begin to leak and in doing so damage the surrounding circuitry. To prevent this we can remove that battery and replace it with a backup capacitor which will never leak or damage the game in any way!

Old Mylar Removal : Mylar is the clear plastic film that is often installed by arcade operators to protect the areas of the game that have heavy ball traffic. Over time the mylar becomes dull, scratched and peeling. We can remove the mylar allowing the original playfield to once again be seen clear and bright.

Cabinet Touchup: Over the years many game cabinets are scratched, chipped or have initials craved in to them. Also there is the more often than not bad touch up job. Fear not, the damage can be undone and the cabinet can be looking good once again.




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