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Warranty on Repair Work

Our repair work plus any new parts we install on your game are warranted for 30 days from the date of repair. We only warranty the specific work that Shoot Again has done on your game and the parts we have installed, nothing else.

Except for one manufacturer (Stern) new pinball games are no longer produced. This means that 99% of the games we work on are at least several years old and can be as old as twenty six years! This is equal to tens of thousands of plays on each game. Obviously, considering the games age and the wear & tear it has experienced during its life, we can not promise that your game will never break again. Pinball machines are complicated devices with lots of electronic and mechanical parts that require regular maintenance.

Warning: Any work done on your game by anyone other than Shoot Again, including the gameís owner will void the above warranty.

Warranty Work vs. Non-Warranty Work

Shoot Again Pinball stands behind its work with our 30 day warranty. Should the work we have done fail or should the new part we have installed fail we will repair it at no charge. Any new problems your game experiences are not covered even if they are another component of the device that was repaired. Example - Shoot Again services your machine replacing a broken body of a pop bumper (the body is the main plastic part of the bumper that sits on the playfield). Two weeks later the solenoid coil that drives the pop bumper fails (this is a electromagnetic coil that is attached below the playfield). In this example, the repair work would not be covered under the warranty. If the pop bumper body broke again or came loose from the playfield because it was not tightened enough, it would be covered under our warranty.

Due to the nature of pinball machines Shoot Again may need to inspect your game before we can determine whether or not the needed repair is covered under warranty. If we determine that the work required to fix your game is non-warranty work you will be billed for a normal service call.

Game Location and Warranty Work

If a game Shoot Again serviced that is with in our local service area is in need of work that is covered under our warranty, we will return to your location at no additional charge.

If you are outside our normal service area you will be billed for travel time to and from your location.

Games that were serviced in Shoot Againís shop will need to be returned there for warranty work to be performed. Alternately, we will travel to your location though our normal travel fees will apply in this case.


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